Engineering / Consulting

Time tested engineering practice is the basis for design at Zumwalt & Associates. From the initial Conception Phase through Project Completion, these practices result in strong, successful client relationships. The latest AutoCAD Civil 3D design software allows all aspects of the project to be actively evaluated throughout the design process, saving time and money during construction. Zumwalt & Associates Engineers and Designers have a minimum of 13 years of company experience and are practiced in the following areas:

Church Sites
Commercial Site Design
Commercial Subdivisions
Contract & Bidding
Cost Analysis
Detention / Retention Design
Erosion Control - IEPA / SWPP
Grading Design
Industrial Subdivisions
Land Planning
Multi-Family Site Design
Pavement Design
Pond / Lake Design
Residential Subdivisions
Road Reconstruction Design
Sanitary Sewer Systems
Shopping Centers
Site Plan Review
Storm Sewer Systems
Water Systems

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Engineering / Consulting
Land Surveying